Everybody has a story to tell. Let 'Share My Story' share your story

Moments in our life that we want to remember forever. Memories, that we wish to share with our friends and our family. Cherished times that, perhaps, we knew of -- but others close to us did not.

We all have them, don't we? These moments in time, be it stories of how we fell in love, to how our careers advanced, to favorite family vacations.  Moments in time that are all stories, just waiting to be told and shared.

Yet, until now, moments in time that have, typically, sat in the vault in which we call our brains.


At "Share My Story," our team of professional [and, in most cases, award-winning] reporters will take your story, and put it into words, for you to flaunt, to share, and to remember for a lifetime. Our reporters will write a 1,000-to-1,300-word story about you, a loved one, couples, groups, an event, or a lifetime of events. Whatever memory you wish for us to turn into -- and share as -- a written story.

Our mission is to help you share your memories with your friends and family -- with written stories that you can email and also display proudly in your home or office.


Along with our basic package [that includes your professionally-written story in both email and hard-copy versions], we offer additional products and services, such as professional metal print displays, distributing your story to your hometown media outlets, handout brochures of your story, and hosting "Share My Story" events for your next party, office retreat, family gathering, and even retirement communities.

Makes a perfect gift for parties, weddings, birthdays, and holidays!

Enjoy our website, click on our services to learn more about us, and contact us so we can begin writing -- and sharing -- your story.