Why this is personal: The story behind 'Share My Story'

Everybody has a story to tell.

It sounds so simple, those six words put together in forming that statement. And yet, when visiting my father-in-law's assisted living facility one day, that simple statement's words rang hollow.

Those who know my wife’s dad know a little bit of his story, of how he came to live with his disabilities for almost three decades now. They know he was once one of Florida's top attorneys, and, before that, a young man who excelled at music and acting. But they don't

know the stories behind him, the stories of what took place when singing, when acting, when working.

So on this one specific day, it hit me. He has all these stories to tell, of so many successes in his life, and no one knows the true details of them. Not his friends, not his family, and not even those who care for him at the assisted living facility he lives. No one.

And then I realized: It's not just him, and of how no one knows the true story of the case he fought at the Supreme Court of the United States. It's all the other residents who live with him, each having lived amazing lives, but, in their assisted living facility, just living to pass time, no one knowing their true stories. It's his friend and roommate, and how no one knows that he flew F14's and F15's over Vietnam. And it's the doctor who takes care of him, how no one knows that he wasn't always just a doctor, but changed careers 20 years ago so he could help people. And it's the staff person, how no one knows that they developed a product that will be used at facilities nationwide to help people with disabilities. It's the administrator, how no one knows that they turned to healthcare because of a loved one's passing many years ago. It’s all of us.

In my opinion, something needed to be done to give people -- of any age, young and old -- an opportunity to tell and share their story.

Thanks to that one day, that one simple moment in time, that one thought while visiting my wife’s father, I have created and developed "Share My Story" -- a business whose sole purpose is to write and tell your story, whatever it may be, while sharing, preserving, and passing on those respective memories and moments in time to your friends and family.

We will do so by offering services that includes a professional [and, in many cases, award-winning] reporter writing a 700-to-1,000-word feature on you/your loved one(s), that is personally and uniquely designed -- complete with story and individual magazine cover. We can also turn your story into a brochure [great for weddings — to tell your guests how you and your loved one met / became engaged — or businesses of all sizes] or 20X16 metal print, share it with your hometown news media, and even host a live and in-person "Share My Story" event for your party or organization.

Many of you know, this is the second company I have started. The first, 20 A-M COMMUNICATIONS [my public relations and event management firm], has been doing quite well. But this, Share My Story, is personal. This is something that, I feel, can give a voice to those that do not have one, while also providing a product and service that is totally unique and personalized to anybody and everybody.

Please enjoy and review our website to see what services we provide, and let me know if I can help tell -- and share -- your story. After all, you have a story to tell. We have the words.


Michael Laderman

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Share My Story Co-Founder & CEO Michael Laderman

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