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Share My Story is proud to share with you just some of the feature stories that we have the opportunity to write. On this page you will get to see and read not only the works of our reporters, but the stories of those everyday people who have a story to tell -- and asked us to write it for them, to remember, flaunt, tell and share for generations.

Thanks to MACF, opportunities are aplenty for women in manufacturing

ORLANDO, Florida -- Across the state of Florida, manufacturing is booming, and becoming an increasingly important part of the state’s diverse economy. That means an increasing number of jobs are being created in this field -- jobs that require the skills and talents of men and women.


Roshelle Lindsay and Donna Best, along with the Manufacturing Association of Central Florida, understand that concept well. Roshelle is the manager of the planning department for an Orlando-area manufacturer, and Donna is the president/owner of Merit Fasteners, a family/women-owned business. They both have recognized what MACF preaches -- that manufacturing is a field that offers many great opportunities for women.

From the wealthy to the coroner’s office, Ed Bond has lived a lifetime of stories

LONGWOOD, Florida -- Unlike most others his age as a child on New York’s Long Island, Edward J. Bond grew up around American royalty.


And, in turn, that “American royalty” helped him grow up. Literally.


“My brother, Ray, was a friend of one of the Vanderbilt children,” Ed recalled, thinking of his family’s connection with the famed Vanderbilts – Cornelius and Grace Vanderbilt, who made millions in the shipping, rail road, and real estate industries.

Amazing Alaqua Lakes house is unique combination of resort & home

LONGWOOD, Florida – For the past four years, Rachel and Mark Hinshaw – along with their two children – have lived happily in what has been the home of their dreams. Thanks, though, to a new career opportunity that is taking the family to Atlanta, Georgia, their beautiful house will soon be another family’s dream.

“We moved in, and immediately, I fell in love with the home,” Rachel recalled. “I just love it! I love this home. My husband, I’ve got to hand it to him, he did right in choosing this home, because it really is an amazing home. I am going to be very sad to move from here.”

Excellent customer service leads to refreshing PNC banking experience

LONGWOOD, Florida — Sitting in an office in the heart of Central Florida, surrounded by all the amenities and technological advances available to a modern-day organization, Connie Rollberg remembered the simpler times in our world, well before emails, computers, cell phones and social media became a part of everyday life.


As a professional beginning her career in banking three decades ago, she easily recalled the early-to-mid 1980s, as a time when one would stroll into a neighborhood financial institution, and be personally welcomed by all staff – from security, to the teller, to the manager – and all on a first-name basis.

As Judge Turner readies for retirement, colleagues reflect on his tremendous impact

ORLANDO, Florida — Sherri Sharp has always believed that people come into our lives at times when we need them most, without ever knowing why.


Such was the case when a chance meeting between Sharp and Judge Thomas W. Turner -- then the newly-appointed judge of the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court -- began not only a 13-year working partnership, but, more importantly, a friendship that would guide her, and provide her faith and support for life events that she never could have imagined would occur.


Before fate intervened, Sharp had previously worked for three other judges as a judicial assistant, prior to leaving to take another position elsewhere. Due to a family emergency, she needed to resign to take care of a family member. It was toward the end of 2002, when temporarily filling in for a colleague, that Turner was appointed by then-Governor Jeb Bush to his Circuit Court position on the bench.

Dawn and Dave Foster find magic in developing Urban Carry Holsters

SANFORD, Florida — Dave Foster was always good at promoting himself.  As an inventor, business owner, and part-time amateur magician, he was adept in the ways of marketing and advertising, be it with web sites, social media, and in-person guerrilla marketing.

So when it came time to get the word out about his and his wife, Dawn’s, new company, Urban Carry Holsters, Dave had a good idea of what to do to generate some publicity.

“I figured that we’d make a video, one that I hoped would drive our company’s message home in two minutes,” he recalled. “My hope was that it would be simple and effective. It seemed to work.”

From Vietnam to Orlando, Alan Jackson finds success in family business

Alan Jackson was being serious when he was looking back on the successes of his life, but not so much that he couldn’t help but laugh at his own self when reflecting on the personal ups and downs that he has gone through.


“I’ve had my share of fights in my life, having fought illness to having fought with women,” Alan said with a chuckle and a smile. “That’s probably a reason I’ve been married three times. I loved them all, but it just didn’t work out with a couple of them.


“But you know what?  Yes, my life could be called miserable in that aspect of things, but the rest of it was really kind of good!”

Memories of Supreme Court appearance still resonate with Ronald Dion

Although it occurred more than 30 years ago, to Ronald Dion, his 15-minutes of fame might as well just be 30 days ago.


"I didn’t think I could, but I actually remember so much about it," he said, from his current home in Altamonte Springs, Florida. "The flight into Washington, D.C., walking into the courtroom itself for the first time, and, of course, the outcome."


The memories that were now coming quickly to Ron were those of when, as a young attorney in South Florida, he was given an opportunity not afforded to many in the legal profession: He fought a case in front of the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

A simple moment in time leads to unexpected romance for former NSU athlete, executive

There isn't much that Michael Laderman remembers of Alyson [Dion] Innes, from when they first met one another in the mid-to-late 1990s.


"Oh, no, definitely not," he recalled, thinking back to the times when both he and Alyson found themselves at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida -- she as a student-athlete [starring as a member of the women's cross-country team] and he as an administrator in the Department of Athletics [working as Assistant Athletic Director/Sports Information].  "There were so many students that I knew and got to know. At that time, Alyson was just one of many."

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