Still looking for a unique memento for your upcoming wedding? Sometimes the best ideas are staring at you right in the mirror.

Personalize your wedding ... with your love story.

Share the story of how you and your loved one got engaged to be married with a feature that lasts a lifetime.

You and your loved one have just gotten engaged, and everybody wants to know all the details.
At Share My Story, we can't personally reach out to all your friends and family -- but we can help make it easy on you by writing your story!
First, our team will write a 700-to-1,000-word feature about how you and your loved one first met, dated, and/or proposed marriage. As part of our Basic Package, you will receive the story in online formats [for you to share via email, text, and on your social media accounts], as well as professionally designed 
"magazine layout" and "magazine cover" hard copies. If you would like, we could also send your feature story to your hometown media outlets.
The good stuff doesn't end there for soon-to-be newlyweds. We can also design a four (4)-page glossy brochure featuring your story, for you to have at all times, and hand out whenever asked about how you and your loved one became engaged to be married.
Contact us today, so we can help you and your life partner share your story.
Click the image below to see a "just engaged" sample feature story!