Let Share My Story document & preserve your family moments, to pass along from generation to generation

Ever since social media has infiltrated our daily lives, and, from there on out, become a vast storage facility for photos and short information snippets, we as a society have seemingly lost the ability, need, and desire to document our family stories.
Don't just rely on posting photos of your vacation, with a short seven-word sentence describing the whole trip, to tell and share your family's adventures. Rely on the written word to never forget the good times you and your family have with one another.
Our professional [and, in many cases, award-winning] reporters will write your family's story, culminating in a 700-to-1,000-word feature. With our Basic Package, your great family moments will be documented and preserved for you to pass along from generation to generation. No more forgetting what happened on a trip, at a game, or at a party. Our stories take your moments and let you relive them again and again.