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Excellent customer service leads to refreshing PNC banking experience

By Michael Laderman

Correspondent, ShareMyStory.Biz


LONGWOOD, Florida — Sitting in an office in the heart of Central Florida, surrounded by all the amenities and technological advances available to a modern-day organization, Connie Rollberg remembered the simpler times in our world, well before emails, computers, cell phones and social media became a part of everyday life.


As a professional beginning her career in banking three decades ago, she easily recalled the early-to-mid 1980s, as a time when one would stroll into a neighborhood financial institution, and be personally welcomed by all staff – from security, to the teller, to the manager – and all on a first-name basis.


“Banking, in the 1980s, was all about relationships,” said Rollberg, an assistant vice president and branch manager with PNC Bank’s Longwood branch. “It was all about trust. Back then, a person was known by their name and a smile, right?


“Nowadays, it might feel like your reputation is your credit rating,” Rollberg said, laughing. “But what I find here at PNC is that a client is still a person. Here, we have the ability to see someone as they will become, not just as what they are today. We see their potential.”


Many organizations from that forgone era have passed on, either morphing into new financial institutions or closing altogether. And with those closings and mergers, went an era of small-town banking with the personal touch and neighborhood feel.


But don’t tell that to Rollberg, or any of her PNC colleagues throughout Florida.


“We get to know and understand our clients,” said Rollberg, a fifth-year member of the PNC family who began her career as a marketing director for an engineering firm. “Our job is to help small businesses make it, because they’re the backbone of America.  If you can help them, it helps the community.


“I love the culture of PNC,” she continued. “PNC believes in doing the right thing for our customers.  We have one-on-one meetings, and my manager doesn’t say to me, ‘what have you sold?’ He asks me about what clients I’ve helped.”


It is that Main Street culture which truly defines this bank. For when a client opens an account with PNC Bank, s/he receives the backing of an institution that understands not only what your needs are today, but what your needs might be in the future.


Rollberg not only lives the PNC mission, but typifies it. It is one that, while being one of America’s top financial institutions for Fortune 500 companies, puts clients, employees, and customer service at its forefront.  It is a big bank with a small feel, with locations from Pennsylvania to South Florida to the Midwest, but one that treats its people as though it is still the neighborhood bank next door.


Their customers, too, wholeheartedly agree.


“The biggest thing that I would say is unique to the banking industry, and one of the reasons we selected PNC to work with, is the relationship they have with us,” said Dr. Paul Shuler, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon from Ocoee. “If I text Connie, or any member of her team, I usually get a response in a short amount of time, no matter the time of day. I don’t have to go to a generic 800 phone number, and get someone who’s going to look at a computer screen and ask me for my PIN to try and find out who I am. I get a personal response from Connie. And that is unusual and refreshing, particularly in this environment today.”


What separates PNC from other similar financial institutions, though, is that this bank is creating a “bank of the future” – not only focuses on the latest technologies available, both to its staff and its customers, but continues to put an emphasis on overall customer experience.  PNC does so by training its branch employees as financial consultants to broaden their knowledge and focus on more in-depth conversations versus transactions.


PNC makes sure to train all team members as brand ambassadors.  Its employees must be certified by going through targeted classes that ensure that staff members are authentic, caring to their clients, and understand the products and services, and how they benefit the customer.


“Our focus is to work as a true partner with our clients in Longwood and throughout Florida,” Rollberg said. “We try to bring the tools that PNC has to life, because if you have a fantastic tool kit, but don’t know how to use the tools, then it’s not going to be meaningful. At PNC, we want to produce measureable results for people. We want them to feel like coming here was the best decision they ever made.”


This bank certainly offers a plethora of tools for its customers to manage their financial life, including DepositEasy “smart” ATM’s, mobile checking deposits, retirement plans, and cash flow insight. Among its most popular products is a “Virtual Wallet” that gives customers a clear picture of their money, so they can understand it, stay in control, plan for the future, and reach respective goals. PNC also provides a “mobile wallet,” a consumer-to-business payment technology that allows PNC clients to leave their leather wallet or purse at home, but still make purchases via smart phone.


“My business certainly has grown by leaps and bounds because of Connie and PNC Bank,” said Charles liver, owner of CDO Sports, a local sports apparel company. “How we have grown in just the past six months since I’ve joined PNC is mind-blowing. And all just by having a banker who is concerned about me and my business.


“And that’s just it,” Oliver added. “Connie doesn’t care so much about my banking business as she does about my business, period. Thanks to Connie, I have gained more customers and more knowledge about helping my company get going. And I know she is always there for me, at any time.”


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